Starstruck is proud of our newly remodeled studio space and want to share it with our community! In addition to adhering to the most up-to-date health and safety guidelines, our studio space includes two separate areas that are both available for a multitude of activities. Read on below to see some of what we offer in our off time.
Private Sessions
Whether it's to practice the latest dance routine, learn how to dance for your wedding, or to just to work on a move that's giving you trouble, Starstruck offers timing for private sessions between you and any of our teaching staff.
Tumbling Sessions
Taught by our in-house fitness and tumbling instructor, these sessions are usually an exercise in gaining strength and practicing the art of tumbling while building the right muscles for the job.
Studio Rentals
Outside of private lessons, we also allow the community at large to rent all or part of studio when the time allows. From yoga to PTA meetings, we're sure you'll find our space adequate for your next gathering.