It's Party Time!
Celebrate your next big day at Starstruck! One of our qualified dance instructors will lead the party goers in 45-60 minutes of dance, based on a theme of their choice. They'll start with a fun warm-up, play some dance games, and a learn a short dance routine. No previous dance experience required!. Party goers will then enjoy cake and have time to open presents.
Customize It!
Starstruck currently offers two customizable party packages. The standard package includes 60 minutes of activities, 30 minutes of party room time, and availability for up to 15 guests. The deluxe package increases the guest count to 20 and also includes pizza, decorations, paper product, drinks, and a pinata. These packages can be further customized for an additional fee. For more details, please check the detailed list here or fill out the form below. Thanks!