During the course of the year, our studio offers a series of events in addition to the regular classes. These events serve as a way to cover additional material and subjects not covered in class as well as provide more ways for our students to spend more time with one another in a safe, educational environment. Usual events include a yearly recital, dance competitions, and a series of summer camp sessions! Keep scrolling to learn more details about the events we currently offer.
Annual Recital
At the end of every dance season, a recital is held to show what each student has learned that year as well as demonstrate a desire to evoke emotion and entertain. It also promotes a sense of community and team-building as the recital can only succeed if everyone works together towards the same goal.
Summer Sessions
Starstruck offers a series of summer dance sessions annually. Structured somewhat like a summer camp, each session will be a combination of arts & crafts, activities, and of course dancing. You can find more info about pricing and scheduling on the registration page.
Dance Competitions
Over the course of the year, opportunities may arise for our studio to participate in dance competitions. These may be local or out of state and are a good way of promoting unity and challenge. Due to the nature of these competitions, not everyone can always participate. However, four teams have been created for such opportunities. Teams are formed by invitation only. Please stop by the office for more information if interested.