• Registration for the 2016-2017 Season
    Tuesday 5/31 4pm-7pm
    Thursday 6/2 4pm-7pm
  • Summer Workshops
    Join us this summer for 4 types of classes!
    Visit the registration page for details.
  • Summer Camp
    July 11-15 Ask the office for details.

It's that time...

time to be excited! This month another great end to a Star Struck year. Many wonderful things have happened this year but the best is yet to come. Recital is upon us, so get ready for a great show!

But don't fret, once it's over there's still more fun to be had. Like the image states above, we'll once again be hosting both a summer camp and a series of summer sessions. See the office for more details.

Less than a week to go! I'm so excited! See you all there.